Service Partner Program

Peace of Mind for Only $12.95 per Month

  • Priority Service.  As a Service Partner with Leak Geeks Plumbing, you are our priority and jump to the head of the line when you call!  Your job will be scheduled ahead of others.  This applies to routine and emergency calls!
  • 10% Discount.  You will receive a 10% discount off the bottom line for our plumbing services for as long as you are our “Service Partner”.
  • On-Going Yearly Safety Inspections.  Your peace-of-mind is our goal.  We will assess your home’s plumbing systems to ensure it is in a safe operating condition.  You’ll receive a detailed report of our findings and we’ll explain any concerns.  We’ll alert you to potential emergencies before they become disruptive problems.  We’ll even call you to schedule your appointment so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Inspect and Flush Water Heater.  Once per year  (2 – tank style heaters or 1 – tankless heater)
  • Dye Test All Commodes  to Ensure No Water Seeping Through.
  • Inspect All Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets as well as the Under Counter Plumbing
  • Camera Inspection of Main Sewer Line From House to City Main once per year  (through existing clean out only, maximum 100′)
  • No service charge for our “Service Partner”.
plumbing service partner program

If you’re interested in keeping your home’s plumbing systems in optimal condition, call Leak Geeks Plumbing in Keller TX at 918-500-9767 and get signed up for our Plumbing Service Partner Program today!