Why Choose Leak Geeks

Three Reasons to Choose Leak Geeks

  • Red Carpet Treatment – Leak Geeks Plumbing rolls out the red carpet to look after you. Polite, clean-cut, licensed professionals will look after your home and your needs with respect. We‘ll put covers on our shoes, and we‘ll clean up after, leaving your home looking every bit as tidy as we found it. It‘s the little touches of care that can make the most of your customer experience. Read about our Red Carpet Service in “Living Magazine” Leek Geeks Plumbing Rolls out the Red Carpet for their Customers (PDF)
  • Price Guarantee Equals Great Value – You know the full price BEFORE you choose Leak Geeks Plumbing to start our work which can save you money. Plus we have a range of special offers which can save you even more! If you haven‘t spoken with us, you might be missing out!
  • Our Plumbing & Sewer Warranty – You can be sure of quality workmanship backed by a written guarantee when you choose Leak Geeks Plumbing. We offer guarantees on much of our drain and sewer repairs. All plumbing repair service work is performed by trained, licensed and insured professional plumbers who arrive on time and leave your home looking the same or better than they found it!

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