How To Detect A Slab Leak

plumber reviewsSlab leaks usually come from one of two sources. One of those sources is the sewer lines that run under and around your home, and the other is the water lines that are under and around your home. Here are a few ways to check for signs that one of these sources is leaking under your slab:

Water Bill

This is usually the first sign you will see that indicates you might have a slab leak under your home. Typically you will get a bill that is extremely high compared to what you normally pay, or at least noticeably higher than normal. The hole in a pipe doesn’t have to be large either. One tiny pin hole can actually leak over 10,000 gallons of water in just one month. If you have a sewer leak this can leak for years without you knowing since that would not make a difference on your water bill.

Outside Land

If you have a water or sewer line leak you can sometimes tell by the soil around your home. If enough water seeps into the soil around your home you may actually see a change in the ground around your home. A certain patch of ground might swell up and can actually move something like a patio or sidewalk. You might also see some mold or fungus growing on the lawn or landscaping in the area where the leak is located.


If you have a sewage slab leak you might actually notice a slight sewage smell around your home. Sewage can pose a very unhealthy risk to anyone who is in contact with it so it is best to get the slab leak issue checked out immediately.

Once you have either discovered a slab leak or suspect a slab leak you should contact a professional to narrow down the search. This can turn into a big, messy project if you allow it to continue without being checked. Getting an inspection done as soon as possible can prevent it from affecting your home life.

If you think you have a slab leak or other water leak problem, call Leak Geeks Plumbing at 817-500-9767 today!

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