Clogged Drain – Are Both The Toilet and The Lavatory Having Problems?

Tracking Down a Clogged Drain – How Does This Happen?

bathroom-lavatoryIf a toilet and an adjacent lavatory are both not draining properly, this is often due to a clogged drain problem found in the sewage line. However, because toilets and lavatories are not always designed or built the same, this can also be a sign of worn parts within. Sometimes it takes a professional to know which is which, but in an attempt to help any way we can, please read the first thing we recommend that you do.

You should try a plunger first. Unfortunately a clogged drain can be due to anything from a small object or even a toy, to toilet paper that has possibly built up and become wedged in the drain pipe. If the plunger seems to work, be aware that this might only be a temporary fix. The next step would be the use of a drain auger, but unless you have experience in doing this, it’s not always easy to know what to do or how to do it.

We do not recommend the use of most chemical drain cleaner products. Besides the caustic fumes that some of these chemicals have we do not find that they are usually successful and will almost all damage plumbing fixture finishes when accidentally splashed or dripped.

Because of the amount of water and sewage damage to your home that can result from a clogged drain, it is best to have an experienced, professional plumber make certain the the problem is really fixed right. The cost for a plumbing repair is nothing compared to the mess or the cost of a large damage claim on your homeowner’s insurance…at the very least you’ll have to pay the deductible amount and you might have more costs than that.

If the lavatory is also slow or won’t drain (along with the toilet) then it can be pretty certain that the clogged drain is further down the sewer line or it could also be an obstruction in the plumbing vent pipe. Either way it will require the right equipment and a professional to properly repair that.

How to Know if it’s a Clogged Vent Pipe?  What Should I Do?

When a sink isn’t draining properly, and the waste line does not seem to be clogged, you may need to take a look at the vent system. These are the plumbing pipes that stick out of your roof. When a vent becomes clogged, you might see “ghost flushes” at the toilet or sinks that just won’t drain properly.

Birds, rodents, nest, leaves, trash, even a ball could be stuck in there.  The best way to see and clear this blockage will be from the roof.  The vent needs air to run through the pipes after waste has been flushed, it creates a vacuum like pull that will allow water the be flushed and go down the pipes.  If you cannot find whatever is blocking the vents, a professional plumber may need to be called.

Why Are Plumbing Repairs Important to Take Care of Immediately?

It is important to fix these problems as quickly as possible. Often times you might think that if you just leave it, and eventually it will drain.

In reality, if the problem is left alone and not taken care of, the water being held in the toilet and lavatory may cause more problems and can even create other problems the bathroom sink or the toilet. Unfortunately, if you wait too long you could have toxic odor in your home or even sewage damage that is difficult and expensive to remove and restore.

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