Why Is A Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Important?

What’s a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve ?

 Water HeaterSafety Function of a Water Heater PRV and Why You Should Care

Safety should always important when using a water heater at your home. Ensure that the water heater is able to relieve both the water temperature and pressure at a given point to avoid damage and possible injury.

In this article, we will focus on the purpose of and the importance of the pressure relief valve.

Pressure Relief Valve

The Pressure Relief Valve is similar to an emergency stop valve. It is designed to offer an escape route for water from the heater if the temperatures rise beyond a set point allowing an unsafe temperature or increased pressure. The increased water pressure opens the pressure relief valve and water can escape to the exterior. This action immediately lowers the pressure inside the water heater tank.

Although this shouldn’t happen, it can. If there is a problem with the heater this is its safety valve to protect the home and the homeowner. The heater should auto-adjust itself back to normal after the extra pressure (and water) escapes.

Preventing Disaster Before it Happens

A licensed plumber should also check and replace an ordinary gate valve on the water supply pipe with a lever-handle ball valve. The quarter-turn ball valves are more durable and are much faster to completely turn the water off.

If this is a new water heater, the plumber should also review how the appliance works and provide the water heater brochure, information and warranty cards to the homeowner. This will help ensure that the homeowner has a basic understanding of how to quickly turn the water heater on and off without a plumber needing to come out for minor problems.

Back to Safety Issues

As you can tell now, the pressure relief valve is crucial component for to protect homeowners.

Most water heater manufacturers often recommend that you should hire a licensed plumber to check it at least once per year and replace it if it is faulty.

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