How To Know If the Plumber Has a License

What is the best way to know if they are a licensed plumbing company?

Their truck must be marked on both sides with the masters plumbing license, and they have to be in at least two-inch tall letters so that everyone can read it from their house to the street. They purposely make them that size.

If there’s no markings on the truck with the m-number, then that means it’s not a master plumbing truck or a master plumberthat’s not licensed to be running that company. A journeyman plumber cannot run or operate a plumbing company. A master plumber is the only one that’s responsible to run a plumbing company. He can employ journeyman plumbers. They can work for a master plumber, but a master plumber is the only one that’s licensed to pull permits or to be registered with the state to operate a business. If you are unsure if the plumber that you’re using is licensed, you can ask every plumber to see their license. If you have somebody that says, you know, they don’t want to show it or they don’t have it with them, that’s illegal. A journeyman plumber has to carry his plumbing license on him all the time he is doing any kind of plumbing work. A city inspector or a state inspector if he sees a plumbing truck, he has the authority to walk up to that plumbing truck and ask to see your driver’s license and your plumbing license, or even go ahead and inspect any plumbing job that you may be engaged in at that time, and if you don’t have your license on you, it’s a large fine and you will, the job will be shut down until it’s rectified.

Meaning if you don’t’ have the licensed you couldn’t have pulled the permit to do the work, and you can be shut down for that as well correct?

Yes, that is correct. The city inspector and the state inspector have the authority to shut you down completely for that, to fine you, and if you are caught without doing, you know, or doing work without a permit, the homeowner usually does not get any kind of fines, but they actually don’t have to pay you or you would have to reimburse them for any money you have collected them for doing work without obtaining a permit first.

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