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Do High-End Faucets and Professional Plumbing Repair Services Make a Difference?

Professional Plumbing Repair Services
and Faucets Are Important

How to Choose the Right Faucet – The First Time

plumbing repair

When you require plumbing repair services for a leak and you find out that the problem is a worn-out faucets, do your hands get sweaty and a knot in your stomach?

Many homeowners actually experience fear when trying to select the right faucets for their home.
There are hundreds and hundreds of designs. Different manufacturers, different quality and seemingly thousands of different prices. There are so many choices – how do you ever get it right? What can ever be worse?

How about finding out that you have a faucet that no longer has parts available to make repairs and you must replace it. What do you do about the bathroom faucet that matches the bad one in the sink on the other end of the vanity? What about the tub…or the shower faucets too? All of these issues can add up to be a very stressful day.

What’s Important When It Comes to Faucets?

It helps to understand the basics first.

Why are there so many choices and how can some be about the same price nut others are so different? They all just turn the water on and off right?

Well, yes and no. As stated earlier there are many many manufacturers, many styles and prices are all over the board. The most important factor just got left out, and many homeowners leave it out when they are faced with a decision here…quality! In fact, the quality of a faucet should be the most important consideration. It will cost you less in the long run.

Does that mean just choose the highest priced faucet and be done with it? No!

Important Considerations – Ranking Order

  1. Quality
  2. Manufacturer
  3. Style
  4. Cost

Let’s look a little closer at each of these for a better understanding.

  1. Quality – Materials and products of all types are built differently by different manufacturers. Determining the one that is of higher quality either for remodeling or plumbing repair projects can become a real challenge to an uninformed homeowner. Little things make a big difference.
    • Flow rate: A good faucet should offer a high flow rate. Their curves should also be smoothly done to ensure that they do not affect the water pressure.
    • Clogging: Faucets from the main brands are more compact and therefore do not jam up with pieces of debris that could lower the flow rate.
    • Ease of cleaning: Every installation along your water supply should be kept clean at all times both for hygiene and beauty. Higher quality faucets have very smooth surfaces that are easy to clean such that they maintain their new look for a long time.
  2. Manufacturer – Most brands that you’re familiar with have been around longer. That doesn’t always mean that they are better, but it is an indication they’re doing something right. You must consider the availability if replacement parts are needed for a particular faucet later. Some brands will discontinue their models after a few years and customers experience problems during plumbing repair or when remodeling their kitchens. We recommend Delta and Moen as the best brands for faucets due to the fact that although they are sometimes a little more expensive, their products are of higher quality. Their replacement parts are also pretty easy to find in any retail store.
  3. Style – This is a personal preference from start to finish…but if it’s not by a major manufacturer I recommend that you think long and hard about it.
  4. Price – prices are normally a direct result of:
    • The quality of materials that go into a product,
    • The manufacturing processes, assembly and quality control,
    • Market forces – when a product is known to look good, work well and last a long time, then it’s likely going to cost more…but, the other market forces in play here are the competition for a similar product of a similar quality.

I believe when you step back for a moment from the initial shock of needed, maybe even when emergency plumbing repairs are required, the costs for truly similar products are surprisingly consistent.

Make Leak Geeks Your Plumber

Call Leak Geeks Plumbing professionals if you need help with any of your plumbing repair or plumbing issues. You can always be assured that only a Licensed Plumber will be there for any plumbing repair needs in your home. We work diligently to make certain that you are treated with respect and have all your questions answered before we go to work in your home.

Leak Geeks Plumbing provides professional grade water heaters, tankless water heaters and all kinds of faucets and other plumbing fixtures in the Keller, Southlake and north Fort Worth areas. For more information about your water heater and other plumbing repair services offered by Leak Geeks Plumbing connect with us below on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, our channel on YouTube or LinkedIn.

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Why Choose Leak Geeks Plumbing?

Got Leaks? Get the Geeks!

At Leak Geeks Plumbing, we guarantee prompt and reliable service for all your plumbing needs. Our team of experienced technicians is committed to providing you with the best possible service, and we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Some of the benefits of choosing Leak Geeks Plumbing include:

  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • All work is performed by trained, licensed, and insured professional plumbers.
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  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology.
  • Guaranteed workmanship quality for all plumbing repair and installation services
  • We leave no mess behind.
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