Why Does it Take So Long to Get Running Hot Water?

How can Getting Hot Water Take This Long?

When you have a sink or lavatory faucet, and you turn the hot water on, the hot water from the water heater tank must actually travel up and then through the water line across the house and back down to displace all the cold water that’s just been sitting idle in that line before it reaches the faucet. The time this takes depends heavily on the total length of the water line itself to each faucet, wherever it’s located.

Is there Any Way to have Instant Hot Water at All the Faucets?

Good News… There is definitely a method!

In Fact, There’s More Than One Way to Have Instant Hot Water at the Faucets!

Installation of circulating pumps at both the existing water heater, and the connection at the fixture farthest away is necessary. In addition it is sometimes necessary, for the best results, to install one additional line from the pump at the farthest point back to the pump at the water heater to complete the loop. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom faucet that’s at the farthest point. We highly recommend that all hot water lines be well insulated to prevent premature cooling as the hot water moves through the loop.

After completion of these items, it’s also advisable to set both the circulation pumps on a timer. This will allow you to keep hot water circulating in the line for use at the times that you need. This timer can conserve a significant amount of energy, saving you the money that you would normally have to pay your utility company. This method is especially great for homes that are 10 years old or older for retrofit applications.

Tankless Water Heater

Another method to accomplish instant Hot Water, is with flash-type water heater installed near or under a sink or lavatory. We’ll discuss further in a future article.

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