Where Does a Tankless Water Heater Hold the Hot Water?

Where a Tankless Water Heater Holds Hot Water

tankless water heaterTankless water heater is a water heater that does not store water but rather heats it instantly as it flows through. This means that the water is heated on demand when the user turns on a hot water faucet.



Is it really energy efficient?

This type of water heater does not store water when or after heating it. Water is heated in a cup-sized heat exchanger meaning that there is minimum loss of energy through external cooling. It also means that only the water that the user is using is heated as compared to storage-type water heaters that heat large volumes of water even though the user may only use a few liters.

A tankless water heater is equipped with sensors that detect when water is not flowing and sets itself idle. This way, it does not consume any power when there is no water flow. The user is also able to regulate the temperature in the water that comes out of the heater meaning that you can avoid overheating when you only mild warmth in the water. The heater will make energy savings when you set it to heat the water mildly.


On the safety side, this kind of water heater is able to sense when it develops a water leak. It therefore avoids the risk of a flood in case of a rupture and allows you time to contact a plumber or to purchase a replacement for the faulty part. The fact that the user sets the desired water temperature means that there is lower risk of suffering burns. The heater will dispense water at the exact temperature that the user has set with an error margin of below two degrees.

The main limitation of a tankless hot water heater is its maximum output and flow rate. This is however negligible if you do not require huge amounts of hot water. Its power saving capabilities and the speed at which it heats the water on-demand will overshadow all the other shortcomings.

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