Repairing Loose Pipes

Do I Need A Plumber?

If you notice drain pipes showing water or rattling, which can be a sign of pipes becoming loose under the kitchen sink. Drain pipes are built bgwith large ring nuts that can become loose and cause water damage beneath the cabinets or sinks. When these become loose it’s important to have them adjusted and tightened immediately. In some cases, you may need to call a plumber However, the longer you wait to get these loose pipes fixed, the more water can soak into the cabinets under the sink. Loose rings nuts can also be damaged after the seal on them becomes weak.

Loose pipes should never go unnoticed for too long. To fix them a plumbing repair service can be called, or if the damage has not gotten that far yet a wrench can be used to tighten or replace any loose or damaged ring nuts. To ensure that none of your belongings get damaged, remove everything from under the sink. Next you should take the wrench and adjust the ring nuts. Be sure to not put too much stress on the ring nuts while tightening them! This can result in broken ring nuts which will need to be replaced.

Some loose pipes can be fixed easily. However, some loose pipes are a job for the professionals. Leak Geeks is one of the plumbing repair services that can help you fix loose pipes under the kitchen sink, kitchen disposal, or bathroom sink

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