The Difference in a Professional – Plumbing Repair in Your Home

What’s the Difference Whether it’s a “Professional” Plumbing Repair or Not?

Well to be honest, we see that it doesn’t matter at all to some people. Unfortunately, those could be some of the same people that always believe they got taken. To be candid, if it’s cheaper, then corners are being cut somewhere.

That’s not to say that anyone should ever pay more than it should cost for a plumbing repair or service work. However, when people are asking about the price before they ask questions about product quality, service or warranty involved in a repair, then they may have set themselves up for a bad experience.

How Should That Experience Be Different?

Part of our job as professionals is education of our customers. We believe that it’s important to do that. It should be critical to a homeowner or business owner to understand what they are really getting for the money they must spend.

Why is There a Difference in the Cost for the Same Repair?

There can be several reasons, but after all the smoke and mirrors of a low price, remember what COST must include:

COST = Service + Quality of Product or Material + Workmanship

It’s that simple! You can add it up anyway you like but that’s the answer. No matter who you’re talking to or what trade or repair you need, it makes no difference.

But watch out if you take one of those factors and decide…it’s really not that important. Or you get a contractor, a plumber in this instance, that doesn’t believe any of them are really that big a deal.


We believe it’s a unique challenge to keeps us on top of our game to deliver the highest customer service possible. Our customers remember:

  • Hey, this guy, never walked on my grass,
  • He always covered his shoes when he went into my home,
  • He provided me a written estimate…and a warranty!
  • …and he didn’t smell like a Plumber.

Product Quality

We take time to explain what the difference is in the products and materials we use. For instance, it’s certainly possible to buy a cheaper water heater at a big box home improvement center, but you’re getting a cheaper quality product too.

  • That’s applicable whether it’s:
    • Sinks
    • Bathtubs
    • Water Heaters
    • Faucets and Fixtures
    • all products and supplies that we use.

There’s a reason we carry and recommend the products we do. We stand behind those products and workmanship with every job!

Speaking of Workmanship

We care about the job we do:

  • We are experienced, professionals,
  • You will always have a Licensed Plumber in your home,
  • We do NOT leave a mess behind when we finish.

The Difference

We actually win a lot of our jobs from people that call other companies. They may call a couple of different companies. Other plumbers may show up, truck leaking oil in the driveway and not dressed properly. They might walk in and doesn’t smell real pleasant, or he’s in and out, writes his bid on the back of a business card and is expecting you to let him go to work.

We set ourselves apart from others. From our personnel to our trucks that are stocked with what they need, there is a difference. A big part of our business is from repeat curomers because they really appreciated the way that our guys treated them, and they felt comfortable with us being in their home.

Make Leak Geeks Your Plumber

Call Leak Geeks Plumbing professionals if you need help with any of your plumbing repair needs. You can always be assured that only a Licensed Plumber will be there for any plumbing repair work done in your home.

We work diligently to make certain that you are treated with respect and have all your questions answered before we go to work in your home. Leak Geeks Plumbing provides plumbing repair, professional grade water heaters and tankless water heaters in the southwestern part  of DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas.

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