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Water hammer arrestors are devices whose purpose is to absorb the water hammer or pressure wave. This is used every time there is a rapid stop of water flow when closing valves shut. Although the devices themselves remain fairly simple, water hammer arrestors have become improved upon constantly. Arrestors may vary greatly in age, components, and technology. There are only a few reasons you may require one. You may suspect water hammer and likely hear loud hammering sounds, or there are surge pressure mandates you must follow. Water hammer can be caused by any of the following.

  • Unsecured pipework
  • Trapped air
  • Ball and float valves
  • Worn stop valves
  • Fast acting valves

Arrestors also come in an array of sizes, types, and prices. Some simply screw on directly onto the stop valve outlet of sinks and toilets. Some larger arrestors may even regulate several devices with a rechargeable air bladder. More complex and large arrestors should be left to the professionals. Whether it be for products or installation, Leak Geeks is a great source for all your water hammer arrestor needs. Give us a call. We’d love to serve our customers in the North Roanoke, TX area. 

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