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Blocked Sewer Line

It’s every homeowners fear. Your entire home’s sewer system is backed up, a very real problem that often requires the services of a professional plumber for sewer line repair. In the event you have a sewer blockage, the experts at Leak Geeks is here to help, call at 817-330-6550 today! 

A common culprit of blocked sewer line could be a result from buildup – usually grease and gunk inside the pipes (occurs from greasy or fatty foods being sent down the drain). That sticky buildup then collects passing debris and solids and this will continue until the wastewater becomes more and more restricted until it is completely blocked.

Another common source of a blocked sewer line can be caused by the growth of roots from nearby trees into the sewer line. It’s recommended to perform a maintenance rooter cleaning once a year. Tree roots search for water so scheduling an annual rooter cleaning can help keep your sewer line clear of debris and anything else that could cause a serious clog. Tree roots can cause major pressure on drain pipes and fitting, ultimately causing a break to occur. Tree Roots will then grow into the break to reach water.


Signs of A Blocked Sewer Line


If you’re experiencing a blocked sewer line you might notice a pungent, unpleasant odor coming from your drains. You might also hear an unusual gurgling sound from your pipes, and water rising up from your drains.

The Fix: 

Locate the break, dig up and clean and scour the inside of the drain lines and repair the break to eliminate future problems.

So, if you are experiencing any issues with your sewer line and looking for first-class service, you have found the right plumber! At Leak Geeks, we literally roll out the red carpet at your door and polite, clean-cut, licensed professionals will look after your home and your needs with respect. We put covers on our shoes, and clean up after, leaving your home looking every bit as tidy as we found it. It’s the little touches of care that can make the most of your customer experience.

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