Plumbing Leaks and Drips | Northlake, TX

Pesky Plumbing Leaks and Drips? Leak Geeks, serving in the Northlake, TX area, can help reduce the varying repercussions of leaks or drips. Not only do drips account for thousands of gallons of water wasted every year, but they directly impact you as well. Excess water means excess money spent on bills, possible water damage, and possible mold growth. 

Leaving a dripping faucet unfixed may lead to unpleasant complications, but fixing a faucet is usually a simple process. Some repairs can even be done without an expert plumber. O-ring, washer, or valve seat replacement could be done at home. It’s important to remember that easy replacements still require exact replacement parts. If you’re unsure, it’s a great idea to leave it to the experts. The following are examples of when it’s time to call the experts.

Call (817) 431-8929 or schedule service online when faced with Leak and Drips if:

  • Plumbing pipes or fixtures are broken
  • Valve seat is corroded
  • Loose parts are inaccessible
  • Seals are worn

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