Pipe Repairs | Saginaw TX

Emergencies such as burst pipes can happen when we least expect them. We understand that our customers in Saginaw, TX may require our quick and thorough services. Although we hope our customers are never in such circumstances, warning signs can help prevent future disasters. Here are a few warning signs to look out for in regards to potential pipe bursts and pipe repairs.

  • Significant decreases in water pressure
  • Increased water bill
  • Water marks on walls or ceilings
  • Whistling or hammering sounds coming from the tap
  • Water discoloration or odors
  • Damp patches in your yard

Warning signs of potential pipe repairs

What can you do if you spot any of the above warning signs? Here are some further steps to take before giving a call.

  • If you spot a leak, check to see if it is coming from the toilet
  • Check your water, is it spinning quickly?
  • Check for extremely damp areas or wood warping
  • Inspect surrounding areas of all devices connected to the plumbing
  • Check outdoor sources of water for damage, such as hoses and sprinklers

If you aren’t able to find the source of a leak in your home, it’s time to contact Leak Geeks for pipe repairs. Call (817) 431-8929 or schedule service online!

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