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Expert Plumber & Toilet Repair Services in Northlake TX

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Having to maintain and manage household plumbing can be a daunting task, especially to homeowners who may not be as familiar or even comfortable with making repairs. Even homeowners who are familiar with household plumbing might see this as a struggle and no homeowner wants to risk their home flooding, and toilet spewing sewage all over the bathroom.

With that being said, when your home is regularly maintained it gives your plumbing the BEST chance and results. However, what if you find yourself overwhelmed and forget to schedule services & preventative maintenance to maintain your plumbing? Chances are, your plumbing is not being serviced properly and may be operating inefficiently in your home.

Being a husband-wife team, we get it. That is why we created our Plumbing Service Partner Program to help any homeowner maintain a regular maintenance plan to keep your plumbing on point. Learn more here:

Replacing Your Toilet

So, if you are experiencing any issues with your toilet or plumbing and looking for first-class service, you have found the right plumber! At Leak Geeks, we literally roll out the red carpet at your door and polite, clean-cut, licensed professionals will look after your home and your needs with respect. We put covers on our shoes, and clean up after, leaving your home looking every bit as tidy as we found it. It’s the little touches of care that can make the most of your customer experience.

Our Northlake Plumbing Service Guarantee

  • Convenient and prompt plumbing service
  • Guaranteed upfront pricing
  • Uniformed, courteous and informed plumbing service technicians
  • We leave no mess behind. A clean work area is a sign of a happy homeowner
  • Part available for most jobs so they can be completed at the time of your service call
  • We take time to listen to you and understand your plumbing needs
  • We accept checks and credit cards for your convenience
  • Local members of the community- giving back one person at a time
  • Guaranteed workmanship quality for all plumbing repair and installation services

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