Plumbing Repair Service vs. Handyman

plumber vs. handyman info graphicWhen you need a plumbing repair, you may be unsure whether to call a handyman or a professional plumber. Before making that decision, it helps to understand the differences between a handyman and a plumber from a plumbing repair service. In some cases a handyman may be the appropriate choice, but for plumbing repairs specifically, hiring a plumbing repair service is really the best choice. Here’s why.

What Can a Handyman Do?

Most handymen are jack-of-all-trades, meaning that they offer a variety of services. They may not be trained in any specific area such as plumbing. Many homeowners will hire a handyman to do repairs and maintenance around their homes that they do not have time to do or may be unable to do by themselves such as:

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Fixing a broken window
  • Replacing a door
  • Putting up shelves
  • Mowing the lawn or yard cleanup
  • Minor carpentry or plumbing repairs

In most cases, handymen have not gone through any type of specific training or apprenticeship. They usually are not licensed and may not carry liability insurance to protect their customer in case they cause damage while making a repair. While the cost to hire a handyman is generally less than hiring a plumbing repair service, you also assume more risk. In some areas, handymen are even prohibited by law from performing major plumbing repairs.

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project, there are definitely certain elements that a handyman could be capable of performing. He may in turn subcontract a plumbing repair service to handle the plumbing part of the job.

Why Hire a Plumbing Repair Service?

A professional plumber will have a better understanding of how to deal with difficult plumbing problems, such as blockages. When they are not correctly repaired that have the potential to cause additional damage from leaks or ruptured pipes. When you call a plumbing repair service for a repair, you have the peace of mind that a trained and licensed plumber will be handling your job. Licensed plumbers are required to go through a four to five year apprenticeship and theory program. This course of study trains them in plumbing repairs, as well as learning state and municipal codes for plumbing.

Once a plumber has completed their training, he or she then has to pass an exam to become licensed in their state in order to work on their own and not under a licensed plumber. Because equipment and plumbing codes are constantly changing, licensed plumbers are required to update their skills and knowledge with continuing education courses.

While you may pay more by using a plumbing repair service, you are paying for more experience with a professional that is focused in the field of plumbing, versus being all over the map with carpentry, yard work, and other home maintenance jobs.

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