Installing a Hot Water Heater

As a homeowner, we seldom think about hot water in our home and what it takes to make it. Until a hot water heater completely stops or starts to leak, we often take it for granted and do not think about our hot water heaters.  But when one fails, we gain a whole new respect for the results they provide us.

Hot Water Heater Installation

When one fails, there are various types of hot water heaters on the market. Each comes with their own advantages depending on your specific needs and situation. Installing a new hot water heater in your home or business all by yourself may save you some money, but it doesn’t help whenever the hot water heater malfunctions or when something goes wrong. It’s recommended that you seek the help of a licensed plumbing company for many reasons.

Purchasing a new hot water heater can be such a big investment, and the installation may include both electrical and gas components. You may need a licensed plumber to help you with it.  Many manufacturers of hot water heater won’t cover the conditions of the products warranty if it isn’t installed by a licensed plumber. Some of these products also require a licensed plumber be accredited with them.  In many cases, a licensed plumbing company will only install hot water heaters they are only accredited to install due to access to support, products and parts from the manufacturer.

install hot water heater

Far too often, homeowners buy hot water heaters from a retail store, get it home and begin the installation process only to realize there is much more to it.  Unfortunately, they sometimes reach a point where the warranty has been jeopardized and a local plumbing company might not be able to get manufacturers to support it.  To avoid this situation and for help installing a hot water heater in your home, call Leak Geeks Plumbing at 817-330-6550!