How To Care for Faucets and Sinks

Tips on Maintaining Faucets and Sinks

remodeling4If you have installed attractive faucets and sinks, it is important that you follow a regular maintenance schedule. You can either do it yourself or find an experienced plumbing company that can help keep your faucets and sinks in great shape.

Fortunately, preserving the full function of the faucets and sinks doesn’t require a lot of work and effort. Below are several simple steps that you should follow to  properly take care of the faucets and sinks.

Daily Care and Preservation

Most fixtures require marginal day to day care. In many instances your faucet and sink will benefit greatly from daily cleaning with just a little soap and a damp cloth. It’s best to dry the fixture surfaces using a soft cloth and not allow the minerals and chemicals in the water begin spotting the fixture.

This simple but important step helps each fixture maintain its unique finish or shine. It’s to use a quality cleaning product if it is one that is recommended. Be careful about what you use however as once the finish is damaged, it’s unlikely that it can e restored to a like-new condition.

Abrasive and harsh cleaners can cause extensive damage to almost all of the finishes you see used for both faucets and sinks.

If your faucet or sink has a matte finish, it may be best to use either a liquid or aerosol polish when cleaning the fixture.

Even the oils from fingerprints can damage the finish surfaces over time if they aren’t cleaned off.

Remove deposits

In the Fort Worth TX area, many homes are located in areas that have “hard” water. This is a term that indicates there are minerals and chemicals that collect in and on faucets, sinks and drains, forming these deposits that can be difficult or next to impossible to remove.

If you live in such an area, the best way to eliminate these issues is to consistently clean your fixtures thoroughly. However, be careful not to scrape the deposits off with a coarse sponge or bristly pad. This will almost surely permanently damage the finish.

Faucet Leaks and Loss of Pressure

These issues may be signs of internal parts of faucets wearing out or needing repair or replacement. A few people have the ability to make simple repairs, but with all the molded components, small parts and even the right thread size of a screw being so critical, it’s usually best to just to have an experienced, licensed plumbing company make these types of repairs.

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