Finding the Water Leaks In Your Shower

remodeling9Having a leaky shower is a pain, but not knowing where the leak is coming from can be absolutely maddening. Water leaks are all too common. Whether you are in a new construct that settled and the seals are now offset, or in an older bathroom where wear and tear has diminished the effectiveness of your shower pane, the bottom line is you need to take care of it right away.

What To Do About Water Leaks

Water leaks can lead to worse problems including rot, mold, and damage to the foundation of your bathroom. The sooner you are able to pinpoint the source of the leak, the faster you will be able to replace or repair the problem.

Most water leaks in and around the shower occur because of a shower pane liner that doesn’t seal properly, a leaky part inside the shower (e.g. the shower head sprays water from the connection valve) or the pipe and drain itself. To figure out what your problem is, turn the shower on without getting inside.

Most people only notice the problem while they are showering or after they get out. But this spreads excess water all over the floor. Instead, turn the shower on and observe the outside of the shower, right along the base. Look at the walls for water trickling down.

Simple Trick For Finding Water Leaks

A simple way to tell where water leaks are coming from is to line the outside edge of the tub (where it meets the floor) with paper towels. You will quickly be able to tell where the water is coming from. If it is a simple leak, you can likely fix it with plaster or caulking, depending on if the area is wet, dry or flexible.

In any case, whenever you have a leak – especially if it has gone on for a long time – your best bet is to call a professional that handles water leaks. Not only will they be able to fix or repair the leak, they will also be able to assess any additional damages caused by the leaking shower.

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