Fall is Finally Here! | Leak Geeks Plumbing

Fall is finally here, and winter will be here shortly after! So, it’s never too early to think about preparing your plumbing system for the fall and upcoming winter season. If your plumbing isn’t ready for the colder weather, give the expert plumbers, Leak Geeks a call! We’re here to help you stay safe and keep your plumbing running optimally all year round.

A robust prevention schedule is easier to maintain so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected at an unexpected time, and even easier to manage with our Service Partner Program – Peace of Mind for Only $12.95/ month to provide you a peace of mind with your plumbing. Get priority service and on-going yearly safety inspections for your plumbing.

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And consider the following maintenance plumbing tips to help prepare your home this season: 

Search For Leaks 

Make sure there are no faucets running or leaking inside AND outside the home. If you find any leaks, make sure to repair it as soon as you can before it leads to more trouble. Need more help? Call the plumbing experts today! 

Flush Your Water Heater 

During the colder months, your water heater works extra hard to provide warm water. A seasonal flush from the experts at Leak Geeks will help clear out sediment build-up that may occur at the bottom of the tank. Once flushed, it will be easier for your system to operate. 

Insulate Your Pipes 

One of the most dreaded plumbing issues – a burst pipe. As the temperature in Texas is dropping, any water that is still in your plumbing is prone to freeze. If you don’t have any insulation on your pipes, the ice puts pressure on the pipe’s exterior and can cause a break in the line. Avoid this and insulate your pipes. Any exposed piping can be protected with simple foam coverings and for the pipes in your home, be sure to keep the indoor temperature warm to combat the colder temperature in Texas. 

Set The Right Temp 

An easy tip for keeping your plumbing operating optimally this season is to check the temperature of your water heater thermostat and set it to 120° for optimal water temperature. 

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