Expert Advice from Leak Geeks – Featured on Redfin

Whether your home has a septic system or a sewer system, it’s vital to keep up to date with its maintenance for optimal performance. It’s the little things that truly count. Our goal is to be your plumber for life! We strive to do this by offering exceptional customer service as well as superior plumbing services. 

We don’t just hire “any” repair plumbers. We perform drug tests and background checks on all employees and all repair plumbers are licensed through the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. Rest assured, if we wouldn’t allow someone in our home, we won’t allow them in yours.

Leak Geeks has over 25 years of superior plumbing service and was recently asked to share our expert advice on how to best maintain septic tanks & sewer lines in your homes.

Our Expert Advice:

Educate your loved ones- Being mindful of plumbing systems in our homes is important now that we’re spending a lot more time at home with family.  You need to be talking to your loved ones about what to flush and what not to flush. Some items even claim to be “flushable” but wreak havoc on your drain system. The same goes for your kitchen sink. As people stay in more, they end up cooking more. Be careful not to put items down the drain that could jam or clog your drains like grease.  And, landscaping needs to be researched before planting. You need to be aware of the location of your main sewer line before planting trees or bushes. Roots can create a huge problem in your plumbing system. – Leak Geeks Plumbing

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