Does Specialty Equipment in Plumbing Repair Save Money?

Are Plumbers Smarter Than They Used to Be?

Technological Developments In the Plumbing Repair Industry?

How is a Plumber trained today. Well, it’s not just “How to Turn a Wrench”! Actually it was never that simple anyway. Technological developments and new tools have helped plumbers that are trained properly in how to use them, spend less time locating the problem(s) and start working on the necessary plumbing repair needed to ‘Fix the Problem’ for you.

A number of improvements on their specialty tools have many times enabled them to go to work faster on plumbing repair that would otherwise take much longer to complete.

Plumbing Repairs

For instance, if you have a clogged drain, then a professionally trained plumber can use a drain line camera that enables visual analysis of where the problem is. They are so good, they can also use these cameras to check for any cracks or breaks and even measure the line to help locate the issue.

The plumber will then be able to determine the ground-level point that he should begin to dig to repair the problem. In the past the plumber might have a pretty good idea where to begin, but would many times need to dig long trenches along the line to finally locate the exact location.

Uses during Remodeling Projects

Home owners who intend to remodel their kitchens or bathrooms may want to consider this kind of analysis on their drainage line. This can help verify that a proposed change or additional plumbing fixtures won’t overload the drain lines further down the system and create backups that were never there before. A professional plumber can then accurately determine whether it can handle additional amounts of waste water, rather than just “think it will be OK.

Unfortunately Technical Equipment Can Break…Like Everything Else

Unfortunately, at some point the cameras break when the plumber needs them the most. This can happen occasionally if the drainage line has totally stopped up. They are designed to automatically turn off in some cases to prevent permanent damage to the internal circuits.

What About Leaks in Water Lines?

Drain line cameras are really only effective when analyzing sewer drain pipe.

Most plumbers today will use sound meters to diagnose other plumbing problems such as water pipe leaks and slab leaks. Sometimes these types of problems are not hard to locate, but many times it might be difficult to accurately locate the source of the problem… especially if the water line leaks are under a concrete slab.

The process here involves listening to the slab using high performance earphones so as to determine the location of the leak. As water escapes through the crack underneath, it can produce a few different sounds. If water pressure is low because of the leak, a gurgling sound might be picked by the leak detector, but it can also be heard as a hissing sound too if the water pressure is still strong. This method is very effective and helps the plumber determine where he may need to break out the concrete slab.

Specialty equipment enables the trained, professional plumber to be much more effective in plumbing repair and can save the homeowner time and money that would have been spent on determining dig points using trial and error.

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