How to Diagnose Vibrating Noises in Pipes

Tips on Diagnosing Noises in Pipes

leak-geeks-vanAre there strange noises coming from your pipes in the wall? Shaking, pinging, banging, vibrating or hammering?

If so, there is a good chance that the noises in your pipes are a result of what local plumbers call Water Hammer. Fortunately, the problem is normally not difficult or extremely expensive to fix.

Shaking – Pinging – Banging – Vibrating – Hammering … We’ve Heard it Called Everything!

Before we get into the possible repair involved, we need to establish what causes water hammer. Water comes from the mains that have been dug underground and connected to your water inlet. When water reaches the inlet, it then travels through the pipes that deliver the water into your home utilities and fixtures.

Your home water system is under a fairly high water pressure volume. We know that it really feels that way when you have a leak in your home and can’t figure out how to stop that water from spewing all over the place.

When you turn on the tap, the pressure is released and water flows according to the pressure that has just been released.  As soon as you turn off the water valve, the pressure is stopped immediately. This causes its energy to travel back thus causing noises in the pipes and a rattle that leads to vibration.

The Solution – It’s Pretty Simple

In many newer homes, a water hammer arrestor comes pre-installed. A water hammer arrestor is in most cases installed directly on the pipes. After water is turned off, the pressure that will have built up will now flow into the water hammer arrestor and it quickly dissipates through a rubber diaphragm and not through the water pipe.  This helps you avoid such noises and vibration that can weaken the pipes.

If your home is a little older, you might need to have your plumber install a water hammer arrestor that will keep your water pipes steady.

Word of caution:   It is necessary that you get rattling pipes and noises in pipes fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further damage and problems caused from the vibration that can results in weakness and ultimately with pipe breakage.

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