How To Close Main Water Supply Shutoff Valve

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Should I Close Main Water Supply Shutoff Valve Periodically

Burst рiреѕ, оvеrflоwing toilets, аnd сlоggеd drаinѕ are all able to саuѕе ѕmаll to lаrgе scale еmеrgеnсу рlumbing flooding. Turning оff the main water ѕuррlу will ѕtор thе flооding quickly, allowing уоu tо соntrоl wаtеr damage until the еmеrgеnсу рlumbеr arrives оn the ѕсеnе. Shutting off уоur hоmе’ѕ main water supply shutoff valve in саѕе of lеаkѕ аnd flооdѕ will also save оn muсh needed water.

Where Does a Tankless Water Heater Hold the Hot Water?

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Where a Tankless Water Heater Holds Hot Water

tankless water heaterTankless water heater is a water heater that does not store water but rather heats it instantly as it flows through. This means that the water is heated on demand when the user turns on a hot water faucet.




Installing a Hot Water Heater

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

As a homeowner, we seldom think about hot water in our home and what it takes to make it. Until a hot water heater completely stops or starts to leak, we often take it for granted and do not think about our hot water heaters.  But when one fails, we gain a whole new respect for the results they provide us.


Do High-End Faucets and Professional Plumbing Repair Services Make a Difference?

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Professional Plumbing Repair Services
and Faucets Are Important

How to Choose the Right Faucet – The First Time

plumbing repairWhen you require plumbing repair services for a leak and you find out that the problem is a worn-out faucets, do your hands get sweaty and a knot in your stomach?

Many homeowners actually experience fear when trying to select the right faucets for their home.

What Does a Professional Licensed Plumber Check?

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

When Diagnosing Your Plumbing System,
What Does a Licensed Plumber Check?

Did Somebody Leave the Water On?

Many homeowners  wonder about what a professional, licensed plumber should check when looking for water leaks or problems with clogged drains.


How To Check A Toilet For Leaks

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

What’s the best way to check for toilet leaks?

Why is Your Toilet Leaking?

Toilet leaks can be wasteful and expensive. At least once a year, check your toilet for leaks by adding a small amount of red food coloring to the tank, and then check the toilet bowl in about 15 minutes.

If the toilet has not been flushed and the water in the toilet bowl is colored red (even slightly colored red or pink), then water is seeping through from the tank.

Copper Water Pipe and Leaks – Part II

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Is the Green Color on Water Pipe a Problem?

Why Is “Patina” on Copper Water Pipe an Issue?

In our last article, Leak Geeks described some of the process behind this mysterious “green color”, how it occurs due to moisture and electrolysis, and also touched on why it is important to you and the copper water pipe in your home’s plumbing system. In this article, we will more fully explain the relationship between that “coloration” and problems that you might be experiencing with your plumbing or are likely to be in the near future.


What Does the Green Color on Water Pipe Mean?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Is the Green Color on Water Pipe a Problem?

Patina Coloration

The green color on copper is called “patina”. The “patina” itself is not the problem, but on copper water pipe it indicates that somewhere at sometime, your plumbing system has had a leak in that area.

How To Increase Water Pressure

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Can Leaks Cause Low Water Pressure?

Have You Ever Had a Water Pressure Problem in Your Home?

If not, then you might be the first ever. Almost everyone has experienced low water pressure in your home at one time or another. What went wrong? How did that happen? Remember that the most pressing issue is to quickly rule out the possibility of a leak in one of your home’s water lines.

Instant Hot Water – Who Doesn’t Want It?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Is Instant Hot Water Only a Dream for You?

How Can You Be Sure You Always Get Instant Hot Water?

As we continue to explore better plumbing practices and methods, our last article about “Tankless Water Heaters” indicated something that may have been news to you. Many people misunderstand the difference or use of Tankless Water Heaters. This may be because they were provided misleading information. It’s also entirely possible that the person they got this information from was either misinformed or possibly even talking about the use of a different piece of equipment.